1967-04-17 USA Surveyor 3

Photo: "Ocean of Storms", the site for landing the Surveyor 3 on the moon.
Launched on 17 April 1967, Surveyor 3 touched down in Oceanus Procellarum ("Ocean of Storms") on April 20, 1967, a few miles off target and about 380 miles (610 km) east of Surveyor 1. As Surveyor 3 came in for a soft landing on the moon, one of its thrusters didn't turn off at the right time and the spacecraft bounced a couple of times before it came to rest.

Surveyor 3 launch cover with Swanson cachet, postmarked PAFB on April 17, 1967.
About 6,300 lunar surface photographs were transmitted back to earth, in addition sent invaluable data from its digging and scraping mechanism that determine the mechanical properties of the lunar soil. The soil sample analyzed confirmed the moon could bear the weight of an Apollo manned spacecraft. Unfortunately, the images were severely compromised by the presence of dust on the mirror.

Surveyor 3 launch cover with NASA cachet, postmarked KSC on April 17, 1967.
Photo: Surveyor 3 soft landing illustration.
Surveyor 3 launch cover with Orbit Covers cachet, postmarked Cape Canaveral on April 17, 1967.