1964-10-12 USSR Voskhod 1

Voskhod 1 was the world's first multicrew spaceflight. Launched on October 12, 1964, the Voskhod 1 spacecraft carried Soviet engineer Konstantin Feoktistov, and medical physician Boris Yegorov into outer space together with cosmonaut pilot Vladimir Komarov.

Photo: Voskhod 1 crew (from left to right) Vladimir Komarov, Boris Yegorov, Konstantin Feoktistov.
Voskhod 1 KNIGA cover signed by the crew. The stamps were issued and cancelled on Oct 19, 1964.
Photo: Voskhod 1 crew (from left to right) Konstantin Feoktistov, Boris Yegorov, Vladimir Komarov.
Voskhod 1 launch, Tartu postmark on 12 October 1964.
Photo: Vostok and Voskhod 1 cosmonauts.
Voskhod 1 launch, Silute postmark on 12 October 1964.
Voskhod 1 launch, Perm postmark on 12 October 1964.
The Voskhod spacecraft was added with a solid-fuel braking rocket to provide a softer landing at touchdown. It was considered a potentially dangerous mission with no spacesuits for the crew, no ejection seats were fitted in the spacecraft and no escape tower provided for the crew in the event of a launching or landing emergency! Voskhod 1 was devoted to biomedical research, and to the study of how a multi-disciplinary team could work together in space.

Voskhod 1 black Kiev special postmark, with one of the Voskhod 1 stamp postmarked on its release date, 13 Oct 1964, which is also the crew landing day.
Voskhod 1 Tartu postmark on the crew landing day, 13 October 1964.
Voskhod 1 with special Moscow postmark.