1962-05-24 USA Mercury MA-7

Mercury-Atlas 7 (Aurora 7) Launch Cover. A Space Craft illustrated cachet cover with a 4¢ Project Mercury stamp affixed, bearing a Patrick Air Force Base cancellation dated May 24, 1962 (launch day), the second US manned orbital flight. It features a "Project Mercury/Man in Space" illustrated cachet. Signed by Scott Carpenter.
Swanson rubber stamp cachet on plain cover. Signed by Scott Carpernter, Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun.
Sokolsky illustrated cover, postmarked at Port Canaveral  on launch day May 24, 1962.
USS John R. Pierce was the ship that recovered Aurora 7 capsule six hours and 34 minutes after splashdown in the Atlantic ocean.
USS John R. Pierce Aurora 7 recovery ship cover franked with 4¢ Project Mercury stamp, hand cancelled May 24 , 1962 on USS John R. Pierce. Signed by Scott Carpenter.
USS Intrepid Captain's cover was the prime recovery ship that was designated to recover Aurora 7. A helicopter from USS Intrepid was sent to pick up Scott Carpenter after Aurora 7 capsule landed off course. Signed by Scott Carpenter and the ship's Commanding Officer J. L. Abbot, JR.