1970-04-11 USA Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Crew-Signed "Type One" Insurance Cover Directly from the Personal Collection of Mission Commander James Lovell, with Signed LOA. This cover features a color cachet of the mission insignia at left with "NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club" printed above, and "Official Commemorative Cover" below. To the right are the bold signatures in black felt tip of the original crew: "James Lovell", "Ken Mattingly", and "Fred Haise". It bears a pictorial machine cancellation from Kennedy Space Center, dated April 11, 1970 (launch date) completely above a 6¢ Flag stamp. At the last minute, Ken Mattingly was pulled from the mission because of his exposure to German measles.
A signed Letter of Certification from Lovell on his company letterhead stating, in full: "I hereby certify that this Apollo 13 First Day Insurance Cover has been in my personal collection of space artifacts since the mission. Apollo 13 perilous flight took off on April 11 and returned safely on April 17, 1970. - Heritage Auction.

1970 Apollo 13 mission aborted cover signed by four crew members. MSC Stamp Club official commemorative cover signed by the complete crew including Jack Swigert and Ken Mattingly as well as James Lovell and Fred Haise. Cancelled Houston TX April 14, 1970 'MISSION ABORTED' straightline handstamp in red added below stamp. It is rare to find covers signed by both Mattingly and Swigert. - RegencyStamps

A rare Apollo 13 USS Iwo Jima Beck CREW Cover, only 25 covers without the "B" number printed exist.
An extremely uncommon Apollo 13 "Prime Recovery Ship" postal cover, signed in ink by the complete Apollo 13 crew, "James Lovell", "Fred Haise", "Jack Swigert", and countersigned by the Admiral of Apollo 13 recovery fleet, the Captain of the "Iwo Jima" aircraft carrier that recovered the crew, and the pilot that picked them up. "Prime Recovery Ship" (crew signed) covers are far rarer than the Apollo 13 Insurance Covers, and this example from the "Joseph Lee Wicks Space Collection" is a superb example. - RRAuction