1968-12-21 USA Apollo 8

Commemorative cover with a printed cachet of the mission insignia and KSC-NASA cachet, postmarked at KSC on the launch day of the mission, signed in ink, James Lovell, William A. Anders, and Frank Borman. Crew-emblem signed covers are seldom seen. From the ex-collection of aerospace memorabilia specialist Ken Havekotte. - RRAuction

Commemorative cover with a cachet honoring the Apollo 8 mission and astronauts, signed in black felt tip by James Lovell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders. - RRAuction

1968 Apollo 8 crew signed cover. Anders, Borman & Lovell sign boldly on Apollo 8 Space City Cover Society cover with red cachet. Both USA and 5¢ NASA Local Post stamps are tied. - RegencyStamps

On 24 December 1968, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders became the first humans to enter into orbit around the Moon. They orbited ten times, and transmitted one of the most watched TV broadcasts in history. A few hours later, the crew performed the first-ever Trans-Earth injection (TEI) burn, to blast the Apollo 8 spacecraft out of lunar orbit and on to a trajectory back to the Earth. Apollo 8 safely splashed down in the Pacific on 27 December 1968.

A rare USS Yorktown hand cancel postmark. This cover is signed by Richard Korth and wife, Helbe Korth.