1968-12-21 USA Apollo 8

Photo: The Apollo 8 moon mission crew (left to right), Frank Borman,William ("Bill") Anders and James Lovell.
Apollo 8, the first manned spaceflight to the Moon, was launched on December 21, 1968. Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, Jr., and William A. Anders became the first men to travel beyond earth orbit to another body in the solar system.

Photo: Apollo 8 crew, Centrifuge and Mission Simulator Training, 1968. Lovell, Anders, and Borman suited up and seated inside the Apollo mission simulator.
Apollo 8 commemorative cover with a printed cachet of the mission insignia and official NASA cachet, postmarked at Kennedy Space Center on the launch day of the mission. Signed by James Lovell, William A. Anders and Frank Borman. Crew-emblem signed covers are seldom seen. This cover was previously owned by aerospace memorabilia specialist Ken Havekotte. - RRAuction
Photo: Apollo 8 crew suited up for the launch, December 21, 1968.
Apollo 8 Heritage Crafts cachet launch cover, with a Kennedy Space Center machine cancel dated December 21, 1968, the day that Apollo 8 was launched on its historic mission to the moon. Signed by Frank Borman, Bill Anders and James Lovell. - RegencyStamps
Photo: Launch of Apollo 8, the first manned spaceflight to the Moon.
Apollo 8 Orbit Covers cachet cover, postmarked December 21, 1968 at Cape Canaveral, signed by James Lovell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders. - RRAuction
Photo: Flight path of the Apollo 8 moon mission.
Apollo 8 First Manned Lunar Orbit (Space City Cover Society) cover, postmarked Houston, December 24, 1968, signed by Frank Borman, James Lovell & William Anders. On 24 December 1968, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders became the first humans to enter into orbit around the Moon. They orbited ten times, and transmitted one of the most watched TV broadcasts in history. A few hours later, the crew performed the first-ever Trans-Earth injection (TEI) burn, to blast the Apollo 8 spacecraft out of lunar orbit and on to a trajectory back to the Earth. Apollo 8 safely splashed down in the Pacific on 27 December 1968. - RegencyStamps
Photo: Moon crater Langrenus photographed by Apollo 8.
Photo: "Earthrise" photographed by William Anders on December 24, 1968.
Deep Space Network Operations Control Center at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.
Photo: Apollo 8 crew hoisted aboard a helicopter after splashed down in the Pacific, December 27, 1968
Beck printed cachet cover B770 signed by James Lovell and Frank Borman.
Photo: Apollo 8 crew on board the recovery ship USS Yorktown.
A rare USS Yorktown hand cancel on cover. Signed by Richard Korth and wife, Helbe Korth. Richard Korth was involved in the Apollo 8 recovery operation that took place on the USS Yorktown.
Photo: "APOLLO 8 SPACECRAFT, which went to the moon and returned, is behind the three astronauts aboard the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. The three spacemen inspected the craft after it was lifted out of the Pacific Ocean. From left are James A. Lovell Jr., William A. Anders and Frank Borman. AP WIREPHOTO via radio from USS Yorktown, December 27, 1968."
Apollo 8 recovery operations were directed from the Recovery Operations Control Room in the Mission Control Center, supported by the Pacific Recovery Control Center, Kunia, Hawaii.
Photo: The Apollo 8 crew were in a happy mood while undergoing debriefing at the manned spacecraft center in Houston on December 31, 1968.
USS Yorktown recovery ship's cover postmarked on return to port, Jan 9, 1969.
Photo: William Anders describing the "Earthrise" photo at news conference, Jan 9, 1969.
Photo: "WILLIAM ANDERS, APOLLO 8 SPACE ROOKIE, AND WIFE. Thousands Lined Houston Streets for Glimpse of Astronauts. Photos by Darrell Davidson, Chronicle Staff. Jan 13, 1969"
Photo: Frank Borman presenting the "Earthrise" photo to Rome's Mayor, Rinaldo Santini, on February 13, 1969.