1968-10-11 USA Apollo 7

Apollo 7 Orbit Covers cachet cover, postmarked October 11, 1968 at Cape Canaveral, signed in black ink by Walt Cunningham and in blue ballpoint by Donn Eisele and Wally Schirra. - RRAuction
Apollo 7 official NASA cachet on cover with a Kennedy Space Center machine cancel. Signed by Donn Eisele, Walt Cunningham and Wally Schirra.
Photo: Don Eisele aboard Apollo 7 on the 9th day of the mission.
Photo: Jon Eisele looking at a photo of his dad, Donn Eisele, on Apollo 7 spacecraft.
Photo: Crewmen onboard the USS Essex awaiting the Apollo 7 splashdown.
Apollo 7 USS Essex recovery ship cover with the ship's 25th Anniversary cachet and Beck rubber stamp cachet.
Photo: The "bearded" Apollo 7 crew, after 11 days in space.
Photo: "CUTTING GIGANTIC CAKE with what appears to be a sword, the Apollo 7 astronauts celebrate their return to earth aboard the U.S.S Essex. The cake was presented to the trio by the aircraft carrier crew. From left are Navy Capt., Walter M. Schirra Jr., civilian Walter Cunningham and Air Force Maj. Donn F. Eisele."