1967-01-27 USA Apollo 1

This cover has the rare official AS-204 NASA cachet (in honor of the memory of the first three man Apollo mission), plus a KSC hand cancel. KSC post office closed at 6:30pm on Jan 27, 1967, meaning such covers were backdated. Only 40 covers with the AS-204 cachet were applied with KSC postmark, while some were double-postmarked.
This cover with the rare official AS-204 NASA cachet has only the KSC machine cancel.
Marsar rubber stamped cachet, postmarked at Patrick Air Force Base. The post office was opened until 8pm on Jan 27, 1967. This is one of the very few covers serviced for the Apollo 1 fire tragedy.
Only 100 Space City Cover Society covers were serviced at Houston, Texas. The Mission Control Center for the Apollo 1 testing was located in Houston. A black and a navy color cachet are shown here, some other colors exist as well.
Limited number of covers were serviced at Satellite Beach post office, which was opened until 8pm on Jan 27, 1967.
Cover serviced at Cape Canaveral post office on Jan 28, 1967. Cancel delayed because the post office was closed when the tragedy occurred.