1966-09-12 USA Gemini 11

1966 GT-11 Orbit Covers cachet cover with launch day postmark. In this mission, one of the objectives was to perform a direct-ascent rendezvous with the Agena Target Vehicle on the first orbit, that simulated a Lunar Module rendezvous with the Command/Service Module after a lunar landing. Signed by Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon. Canceled in Cape Canaveral on launch day September 12, 1966.
Photo: Richard Gordon performed space walk during the Gemini 11 flight.
Gemini 11 official NASA cachet on covers with Kennedy Space Center machine and hand cancels. Top: signed by Richard Gordon and Charles Conrad.
Gemini 11 NASA cachet proof (in maroon) on cover postmarked at Cape Canaveral on recovery day, September 15, 1966.
Photo: "HELICOPTER HOISTS CONRAD. Recovery helicopter hoists Charles (Pete) Conrad, command pilot of the record-breaking Gemini 11, from the capsule for delivery to the deck of the USS Guam today. Conrad and Richard Gordon, who rode Gemini 11 850 miles from earth yesterday, made a near-pinpoint landing in the Atlantic Ocean using automatic controls. (APWirephoto by radio from USS Guam), September 15, 1966."
Beck printed cachet cover B687 signed by Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon.
Beck printed cachet cover B683 and B687 were intended for USS Guam, but a few B686 with USS Guam cancel have been found.
Gemini 11 USS Guam Captain's cover, with printed crew's signatures.