1965-12-04 USA Gemini 7

1965 GT-7 Orbit Covers cachet cover with launch day postmark. Gemini 7 was originally intended to fly after Gemini 6, but the original Gemini 6 mission was cancelled after the failure during launch of the Agena Target Vehicle with which it was meant to rendezvous and dock. It was a long duration flight, investigating the effects of fourteen days in space on the human body. Signed by James Lovell and Frank Borman. Canceled in Cape Canaveral on launch day December 4, 1965.
Gemini 7 official NASA cachet on cover with a Kennedy Space Center machine cancel.
A rare Gemini 7 USS Wasp Captain's cover with corner card, hand signed by the ship's commanding officer, Captain Gordon E. Hartley and Helo Recovery Pilot, Cdr. Norman H. McLaughlin.
Beck printed cachet cover B604 was meant for USS Waldron, but this one went to USS Wasp.
Gemini 7 USS Wasp recovery ship cover with Beck rubber stamped cachet. Signed by Frank Borman and James Lovell.
USS Wasp hand cancel on cover is less common than the machine cancel. Note this cover is also applied with a small rubber stamp that indicates the flight details.