1964-07-28 USA Ranger 7

Between March 1964 and July 1965, Rangers 7, 8 and 9 took thousands of photographs of the moon's surface - out of the nine Ranger attempts, these were successful. Launched on 28 July 1964, Ranger 7 sent back the first high-quality images of the lunar surface in the Sea of Clouds. Over 4,300 images were sent back before the spacecraft crash-landed moon on 31 July 1964.

Ranger 7 launch cover signed by (from left to right) Gerard P. Kuiper (Principal Scientist, Ranger 7 Vidicon Television Cameras), Allen E. Wolfe (Ranger Spacecraft Systems Manager), Harris M. Schurmeier (Ranger Project Manager), Newton W. "Bill" Cunningham (Ranger Program Manager), Eugene M. Shoemaker (Investigating Scientist), Patrick J. Rygh (Ranger Flight Operations Director).