1966-11-29 USA Lunar Lander Research Vehicle (LLRV)

Signed by Col. Jack Kluever, who flew numerous LLRV test flights. The Bell Aerosystems Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) was an Apollo Project era program to build a simulator for the Moon landings. The LLRVs were used by the FRC, now known as the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, at Edwards Air Force Base, California, to study and analyze piloting techniques needed to fly and land the Apollo Lunar Module in the Moon's low gravity environment. LLRV #1 made 198 flights, completed its final test flight at FRC on November 30, 1966. It was shipped to Ellington AFB on December 12, where it was received the next day.
Photo of LLRV I signed by Donald L Mallick.