1962-10-03 USA Mercury MA-8

Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) Launch Cover. A Space Craft illustrated cachet cover with a 4¢ Project Mercury stamp affixed, bearing a Cape Canaveral cancellation dated October 3, 1962 (launch day), the third US manned orbital flight. It features a "Project Mercury/Man in Space" illustrated cachet. Signed by Wally Schirra.
Space City cachet cover postmarked at Cape Canaveral October 3, 1962. From September 1, 1962, Port Canaveral post office's name was changed to Cape Canaveral post office.
USS Kearsarge, prime recovery ship for Sigma 7. Ship's stamped cachet and hand cancellation on this cover, signed by the Commanding Officer, E. P. Rankin.
More covers were issued with USS Kearsarge machine postmark than those that were hand canceled.
The first Morris W. Beck Naval covers (cachet no. 77, 78 and 79) produced for space flight mission. None was produced for USS Kearsarge.